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Shadow an Image Tute

... many people emailed me and asked for instructions on how to shadow an image in the same fashion as the font files so I decided to make this page.. it's just as easy if not easier to shadow an image.. please read the ENTIRE tutorial BEFORE trying it :-))

you will need two things.. the image you want to shadow and a blank base of some kind large enough to cover your image plus have some extra room around it..

Image description Image description

in my case I took both the urls to Image Magick and placed the blank base in the url field and pressed "view"

at the top of the page I clicked "Composite"

I placed the url of the image I wanted to shadow in the field and changed the Parameters to the following:

Gravity: North Location: +0+60

Compose: Over

now I clicked "Composite"

here is the result:

Image description

now at the top of the page I clicked "Effects"

I changed the following:

Parameter: 5.0x5.0

red radio button blur*

now clicked "Effects"

here is the result:

Image description

now at the top of the page I clicked "Composite" again

all the info I used before is still there (but in your case if it's not then fill them in again).. I changed the Location ONLY

Location: +3+50

now I clicked "Compose"

here is the finished result:

Image description

at the top of the page I clicked "Output" chose format jpg, red radio button single file, clicked output then transloaded.

see how easy that was? ... something to think about when going by this tutorial as a guide for your different images you want to shadow.. at the first stage when you are figuring out where you want your image located on the blank base.. position it and find the exact location you want the image then hit your back button and change the Location by 0+10 (adding it to your Location number).. the reason I say this is because the first time you Composite, you are creating the shadow of the image and it needs to be lower than the original image by 10 (or whatever number you choose as your shadow effect).. this will insure your image will be at the right location and not off a little.

if you have any questions or run into a problem please feel free to email me directly and I will try and help you the best I can :-))

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