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.. I dedicate this first page of my tutorials to the talented works of the ladies who post their creations and share their knowledge at the WebTV newsgroup ~MsLauraLou's~ (formerly Gypsy Jewels) :-) they have inspired me to try and teach what I've learned myself.. thank you ladies :-)

.. the frame isn't hard to create but it helps to have a little knowledge of Image Magick and how it works and it's easier to tell you what and where to fill in the attributes at ImageMagick and leave the rest alone... you'll see it's easier that way :-)

.. no image will be needed to begin :-) go to ImageMagick and in the fields..

Filename: type in blue

Please Note: if you do NOT see the Filename field you must skip this part and change the color of the background I have ... if you don't know how to do that then go HERE also there is a link to get back to this page :-)

scroll down to the bottom of the page and ONLY change the Size: 200x200 Format: xc

scroll back up to the top and click "view"

you will now have a blue square 200x200 pixels in size.. now just under your image you will see Optional Paint Attributes.. change them to...

Paint Type: color

Method: replace

Fill Color: #002850

place the yellow cursor around the image (you will see a yellow square highlight your image and an arrow appear).. now click on the image...

this is what your result will be

I've made this image clickable in case you want to skip this part and just use my image.. you can always change it to whatever color you like :-)

next you will click onto "Annotate" {meaning adding text} at the top of the page... change the following...

in the Text: box remove any text in there and replace a capital "X" with it..

change the

Fill Color to #003c7a

Point Size to 200

Density to 80

now scroll back up and click "annotate"

this is your result so far

now let's twist it a little... at the top of the page click "F/X" ...

Parameter: is 260 make sure the red radio button is on swirl*

click "effect"

your result should look like this

now let's Implode it.. at the top of the page click "F/X" again

change the Parameters: to -99.0

switch the red radio button to Implode*

now click the "effect" button

here's how your image should look now

now let's stretch it a little.. at the top of the page click Resize

Image Size: 200x250! (don't forget the "!" at the end or it will NOT work!)

make sure the red radio button is on zoom*

now click "resize"

your image should look like this now

I'm sure you see endless possibilities with this now... I will add a border...

at the top of the page click "Decorate"

ONLY change the Color to #515b84

red radio button on border*

click "decorate"

your result should be this (click on the image to see the result ...my background is the same color as the border I picked)

next I want a frame but I want to turn the image sideways first...

at the top of the page click "Transform"

leave the Parameter EMPTY

red radio button on rotate left

click "transform"

here's what you should have now (you know the deal click on it) :-)

Description of the image

now here comes the frame...

at the top of the page click "Decorate" again

change Color to #002850

radio button frame*

click "decorate"

here is what your end result should look like :-)

Description of the image

.. now wasn't that easy? ... so many possibilities for this.. a picture frame, an award, you can put a little poetry on it or quote and send it to a friend.. resize it and add your name then dress it up a little bit with some flowers or a butterfly on the sides or bottom.. now you know one more way you can create your own graphics with a WebTV and will be YOUR own :-) .. play around with it and have fun!!!

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