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(PC Compatable)

Click "Show" to view your background image.

Enter Color and Text for Testing

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  Ok guy's here's how this tool works. Put the address of the background your want to test, or put it on one of your "F" key's, or put my tools page and have all my tools in one. And the addresss will be put in automatically. Click he "Show" button to see how it works tiled over, you will be able to see just what it will look like in your email or webpages. There's a text color box, put the color you want in there and write a message in the,"Words", and click the "view button" and you will be able to see what the text will look like on the background you chose. You can click the "code" button to get the body code so you can copy it and paste it where you want. Have fun, hope this helps you out. Kid

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